Thankful List 2012 – 50 things!

A few years ago one of my favorite bloggers (Kristen @ The Frugal Girl) began a tradition of writing a list of 50 things for which she is thankful every Thanksgiving. So as not to taint her memory, she doesn’t review last year’s list until she is done. Now, lots of people have been writing “one thing a day” on Facebook this year, but I like the purity of Kristen’s 50. The first 10 are super easy. 10-30 takes a little bit more thought. But 30-50 – you really, really have to think about what you appreciate. Dig deep! It’s worth it.

This year marks Kristen’s 5th year of 50 Thankful Things. I know I did this myself two or three years ago, and was curious to see what I’d written (“escaping work at – ahem – ‘Walgreens’” comes to mind, so that would make it 2010). I was going to violate Kristen’s “rule” and review it, but I can’t seem to find it on this computer…so who knows where it has gone. Guess I followed the rule after all.

Anyway….behold, 2012. (In no particular order.)

  1. (no surprise) My dog Turkey – love of my life. Best thing that ever happened to me, and certainly the best thing I’ve ever found on the Internet. Even when she pees on her bed. Or on mine.
  2. My parents – glad they are healthy, happy, and still together after 45 years of marriage, and 47 years together.
  3. My brother and his wife – that he lives in the US again, that they found each other, and that I finally have a sister.
  4. Being Auntie MoMo/Miss Maureen. I have so many little ones in my life that I adore. I love spending time with them, spoiling them, and sending them treats in the mail!
  5. Dr. Awesome Doc. For fixing a 2-year old tear and being a sport with my crazy emails, questions, and request for photos of my surgery site. I email him after every success, and he calls me bionic. Win-win.
  6. AWESOME PT Jill. For putting up with me, but also kicking me out when she knew I didn’t need to be there anymore.
  7. My job. That I have any job is, of course, great. But that I have a job working with people I respect, and on a mission I believe (even though it’s hard to explain and decidedly not sexy) is incredibly important.
  8. Duke’s Loan Assistance Program. Helping me repay those MBA loans (eligible since I work for a nonprofit and not a more lucrative post-MBA career). Every bit counts, even if I will be 50 by the time I’m done.
  9. HEALTHCARE. Again, to have any is great. But my work pays 90% of my premium, which is awesome in itself; I’ve never paid so little for healthcare. But I have also stumbled across/sought out/stalked some of the best in DC/NoVA, from #5 above, to derms to internal medicine.
  10. The amazing friends, family, and coworkers (who are friends!) who helped me through 12 weeks on crutches this year. There is NO WAY I could have gone through the surgery and extensive rehab without their support. From taking me to the grocery store to supervising trips to Starbucks and practice tries on Metro escalators – I could not have done it without them.
  11. Butternut squash.
  12. The DC library and the many books in them. Seriously, I don’t live in DC, but I get to use their library. It’s so much faster and better than my local option – I’m often the first to read a new book. Movies for a week. E-notification of holds. And you can turn in a book more than a month late and not pay a fine (even when you beg. They will not take your money. They really should.)
  13. Electricity. It was out for three days in June after the big storm/derecho, and 10 hours after Sandy. This is nothing. My heart goes out to all who are still waiting for it to come back. Easily the easiest (?) convenience we take for granted.
  14. Blistex Silk and Shine. It’s awesome.
  15. Pumpkin anything.
  16. Coffee.
  17. Prilosec. To help when I stress too much about #7 and/or have too much of #16.
  18. MY HEALTH. Physical, mental, emotional…all of it.
  19. My crazy, kooky extended family. My mom is one of five, and I have 15 (?) cousins through birth and through marriage. Most of those cousins now have kids. We are all weird. And perfectly weird for each other.
  20. My sewn-up peroneal brevis tendon, and #5 who sewed it up.
  21. Running. I’ve been running for 30 (!!!) years, give or take time off for injuries. I’ve never had a layoff as long, or as dramatic, as these past few years. Every time I run now I am happy to be out there, and speechless when I keep dropping times I’ve never seen (or haven’t seen since I was 16). 7:41 average this morning at the Surfin’ Turkey 5k (ahem, 5.47k). 6th woman overall!
  22. Body Pump. There is nothing else to explain the drops in my times since my return to running. My core is strong, my arms are strong, and it is an awesome workout.
  23. The ferry and road workers of NCDOT, working the emergency ferry from Stumpy Point and allowing residents and vacationers alike access to Hatteras Island when the road – because there is only one! – washed away. The road workers are trying to repair the road whenever the weather cooperates, which isn’t often. I hope they are all getting paid triple time. Photo below by the Island Free Press. Believe it or not, there’s a road in there. The only road.
  24. Hatteras Island, NC. Especially in the fall. Quiet, friendly, relaxed. Nowhere to go, and you see the same people everywhere. It is too quiet this fall, since it is very difficult to get here, an the local businesses are all struggling.
  25. Candy corn.
  26. My many, many friends, from all phases of my life. I have rarely left a place – and God knows I’ve had plenty of those – without a close friend or 50. Growing up, Wellesley, CTY, Poughkeepsie, Boston, Denver, San Francisco, Ironteam, Duke, DC. You know where you fall. Whether I’ve known them for my entire life or only the past 1-2 years, my roots are deep and I am beyond blessed.
  27. Pretzel M&Ms. Many thanks to my dear friends at Mars Chocolates for making this one happen.
  28. Sleep.
  29. Sunscreen. Avid user since high school…regularly mistaken for legit 20-something.
  30. Homeland. Oh my goodness, has a better TV show ever existed?
  31. DVR. I know I was 10+ years late to this party, but it’s amazing. I can record totally terrible TV, watch two seconds, and delete it.
  32. Loving and losing. I’ve lost five people with whom I was very close. Only two, my grandmothers, died at a “natural” age. The other three – my aunt Betsy, my friend Ray, and my friend Matt – died far too young, at 56 (2010), 35 (2010), and 24 (1998). I have struggled with the “why” on all three, and fought to see what possible “gift” could come of their deaths. I miss them desperately. I have also been reminded that every day IS a gift. You don’t know – and can’t predict – when life will change. Don’t wish it away.
  33. Laughing. A good belly laugh makes almost anything feel better, or hurt less. At least for a while.
  34. Bloggers. I don’t think it’s wasting time, since I learn Important Things: The Frugal Girl (best outlook on life); Ali on the Run (producer of the I Heart Sweat shirt); Sweat Once a Day (led me to Dr. Awesome Doc); Smitten Kitchen (yum); and newly, Young House Love (I want them to adopt me).
  35. Bikes. I didn’t really learn to ride – and certainly not love – a bike until 2003, when I joined the triathlon team for TNT. I wanted to join Ironteam in the fall, so figured I best learn to ride before then. Many of my dearest friends have come through cycling, and I have fun and fond memories of learning, falling, and riding all over creation.

    My dear friend Minnie and me when we didn’t even know how to shift (1/2003)

  36. Freedom. You know the saying freedom isn’t free? I was shocked to learn that less than 1% of all US citizens have served in the military. I am deeply grateful for their service to keep the other 99% of us safe and free. I hope as a country we are moving towards treating our veterans with the care and respect they deserve for their lifetimes.
  37. Jackopierce. They have been my favorite band for 20 years. It was a thrill to spend a weekend in Asheville with them this fall, even if it did make me realize that I am middle-aged. Their music makes me happy.
  38. Sweet potatoes.
  39. HOW DID I GET TO #37 without being thankful for IN-N-OUT BURGER?!?!
  40. Being funny and making other people laugh. Just stole this from a college friend. But it’s true. Or I think it’s true. Usually people seem to laugh. I hope it’s with me.
  41. Foster’s Market biscuits from Durham.
  42. Durham. I miss her so!
  43. Vacation time. Of course I’d love more. But I love what I have!
  44. Sunshine! I am definitely sun-dependent, and if I lived in Portland or Seattle I’d been in dire need of a SAD light.
  45. My snug-tight apartment and the way it found me when I needed a place to go.
  46. Lost Dog pizza. Reliably delicious. And helping support an important rescue organization (#49).
  47. My boss. Yes, my boss. She’s a huge part of why I stay in my job. I’ve never had a boss with whom I work so well, or with whom I can agree to disagree. She’s professional, direct, witty, and understanding. I know I am lucky!
  48. Rescue organizations, like the one that rescued Turkey, and the two I volunteer for in DC. They give abandoned animals another chance, and spread great joy to those who have the good luck to interact with them.
  49. A fleeting sense, and hope and faith – sometimes greater, sometimes lesser – that everything will work out as it should.
  50. (ooops, and my eagle-eye dad, for pointing out I somehow only listed 49.)
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  1. Susan kyger perez says:

    This was great to read! I’m thankful for you and your great blog!

  2. That is so true isn’t it…50 items really makes you think! It’s such a great exercise.

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