Recap: 29 days gone

On Monday I will go back to the office, so while I’ll still be on crutches for another FOUR weeks (halfway there!), I probably won’t have as much to say. Or have time to be able to say it. I desperately hope, however, that my rendezvous with physical therapy will still begin next week as previously promised by Dr. Awesome Doc. Because I’ll still be crutched, and because I have no desire to deal with inhospitable Metro (“elevator out December-March”) and the largely irritating and self-centered people who ride it during commuting hours, I will be living with my awesome fantabulous coworker friend who drives to work. Thank you a bazillion times in advance, Erika. Miss Turkey will remain home with the “grandparents” til I am mobile again.

As my convalescence comes to an end I wanted to capture everything I’ve done. And by done I mean watched, since precisely ZERO/NONE of my “plans” actually came to pass. BUT. You know what? I think I still did a lot.

I watched an obscene amount of movies, and tv.

  • Running the Sahara – Documentary. Watch crazy people run across Sahara Desert
  • Frances – 1983 Academy Award for Jessica Lange. I turned off after 15 min.
  • Ides of March – Helloooo, Ryan Gosling.  You are lovely. So are you, George Clooney. Well done!
  • I Don’t Know How She Does It – save yourself the gas and effort it takes to drive to Redbox, the $1.05 rental, and the $1.05 second night fee because you didn’t bother to watch it the first night.
  • Moneyball – Helloooo, Brad Pitt! How did I live across the Bay when this was happening and have zero clue it occurred? I even read the newspaper!
  • Friends with Benefits – eh. I do like Justin Timberlake.
  • The Adjustment Bureau – super good, and a little wacky.
  • 21 Grams – excellent. I thought it was about drugs. It’s not. Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Benecio del Toro.
  • 50/50 – really good. Very sad in parts, but I knew it ended well since the screenwriter is the guy the movie’s about.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire – Love me some Robin Williams. And scenes of San Francisco.
  • See How they Run – Documentary about SF mayoral race of 1999.
  • Running America – Documentary by same filmmakers as Running the Sahara. Dudes run across America. Nuts. Read the book “Running on Empty” by Marshall Ulrich at the same time (Marshall is one of the crazies).
  • Recount – Want to relive what happened in Florida during the 2000 election? Neither did I. It hurt me.
  • Contagion – Watched while being hermit (good). Watched while had bronchitis (very bad). Everyone dies.
  • Downton Abbey – Season 1 (7 episodes) – HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE??!
  • Downton Abbey – Season 2 (5 episodes – caught up to real time!) – I don’t like being caught up, though it does save me from staying up til 2 a.m.
  • Persuasion – attempted to fill love for Downton Abbey. Didn’t love it.
  • Rabbit-Proof Fence – Australian outback
  • Paper Clips – Documentary. Kids in rural Tennessee collect 6 million paperclips to represent number of Jewish people killed in Holocaust.
  • The China Syndrome – late 70s nuclear meltdown! For the entire movie I kept thinking this one guy reminded me of Wilfred Brimley. Yeah, cause it was Wilfred Brimley! Also Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon, but I knew those guys.
  • 22+ episodes of Friends. Don’t judge me.
  • 15 episodes of Ellen. Highlight: getting my dad to watch. (“When does she dance?”) Second highlight: pushups with FLOTUS. Third highlight: Kristen Bell sloth meltdown.
  • 6 episodes of Modern Family
  • 6 episodes of Up all Night
  • Embarrassing number of Law & Order: SVU.
  • 0 episdoes of Anderson. I love me some Anderson Cooper, but it was pretty trashy (If I admit it is trashy it means it is REALLY, REALLY bad). I did see the internet clip of him freaking out over Fonzie being a surprise guest star on his show, and that was awesome.
  • Which leads me to….4 episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I couldn’t watch part 2 of the reunion. It really horrified me, so I turned it off. So really, I guess I watched 3 episodes. I especially enjoyed my dad’s commentary as a newbie trying to watch/shield his eyes from the show. It definitely opened my eyes to how bad it is (still…I can’t wait for the new season of Bethenny!)
  • 5 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I have a problematic-level crush on Jason Segel, mostly because of his obsession with all-things-Muppet. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about this show. I also enjoy this FB meme from Barney.

I read a lot, too. Ok, maybe not “a lot.” I read 3 books (out of possible 22, oops): the aforementioned Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich, Why is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling, and Chopping Spree by Diane Mott Davidson (Goldy the caterer culinary mysteries!). I’m midway through Long Way Gone by Ishmael Baeh. It is really good.

I read many more magazines:

  • 15 issues of Yoga Journal (all of 2011, plus a few stragglers from 2010 and Feb 2012. Seem to have lost Jan 2012). But I found a $3 coupon for Zevia, my expensive not-soft-drink soft drink available at Whole Foods, in one of the issues!
  • 5 issues of Wellesley magazine, and one issue of Duke magazine
  • The Fuqua newsletter. Amongst a zillion baby and wedding announcements, the Best. Entry. Ever: “Adam is excited to announce a new addition to his life:  “This summer I bought a 60-inch 1080p 3D THX certified Plasma HDTV with Smart TV and TruBlack Filter that I am in love with.  Along with it I got a 3D Blu-ray wireless Home Theater System and DVD player with Smart TV and Integrated Wi-Fi as well as a TiVo Premiere XL.” 
  • 5 issues of Real Simple. They should call it Real Ads. I read 4 from 2009 (in my bedroom at my parents’) and 1 gifted to me from my work buds Kelly and Caitlin.
  • 3 issues of Shape, circa 2009. Also in bedroom at parents’. Now in thrift store donation pile.
  • Super-low-brow celebrity mags: Ok! and Life & Style gifted from Melissa, and weekly delivery of USWeekly (it was a Groupon…gets me every time)
  • Several more “high-brow” celebrity mags (4 issues of Entertainment Weekly…it also arrives, you know, WEEKLY, and 1 issue of People gifted from office-mate Sam)

I revived the blog and got my writer on. I wrote 25 blog posts in 30 days. Not one of them included details of an Ironman workout, even though this is how the blog originated, way back in 2003. It’s been yeeeeeears. I did sign up to volunteer for the Ironman U.S. championships in NYC in August (where those fools will have to swim in the Hudson River, bike in New Jersey, and run around in supreme humidity in NYC. For $1,000 entry fee. I don’t think so. Instead I will get a tshirt and pat many good-looking men on the back.)

I watched as aforementioned blog received over 2,600 visits!! (And it wasn’t me sitting here pressing “refresh,” promise.) I don’t know how this compares to anything, like my fave fit bloggers Ali on the Run and Dr. Awesome Doc-covert referrer Sweaty Emily, but without anything to compare it to, it seemed good to me. The highest day was January 13, surgery day, with 531 visits. That was so high I thought it was probably an error. The day I got sponsored was my second-highest, with 156 (sadly it’s been so warm I haven’t gotten to wear the jacket yet!).

While I was abandoned for 10 days, and even when I was at my parents’, I cooked and baked a few times. I made my first-ever baked-from-scratch whole wheat rolls. I made mint brownies from an old recipe of my mom’s. Apparently they do not taste great without frosting on them. I should have made Frugal Girl brownies, which I have made many times and love, and added mint. I also made banana bread for Wanda the Surgical Coordinator, strawberry crisp, red pepper and chard quiche, roasted brussels sprouts (x2), and roasted broccoli with sriracha sauce.

Many friends and my amazing dogwalker Barb came to help me out, bringing smiles, pans of lasagna, dosas, hummus, beer, wine and bagels. They also brought a willingness to take out my trash, walk Turkey, and walk me to Starbucks.

I tried real Pilates for the second time ever in my life at a gym. It was hard. I ordered Pilates DVDs and did them approximately once.

I stalked Facebook like nobody’s business.

I worked 60 hours (over 11 days, don’t feel bad).

I wrote appx 1100 personal emails (I hope that’s wrong. That scares me.)

I played 87 games of Words with Friends. (I have no idea. I just made that up. But especially when I had bronchitis and couldn’t sleep, I played a lot.)

I obsessed over Solha the Afghani dog Turkey look-alike, and cheered when she began her multi-step journey to Virginia. Hi, Solha!

Borrowed from Jessie's blog, Rurally Screwed

I did my taxes. Oh wait, no I didn’t. Walgreens messed up again so I still can’t do them. I am READY TO PRESS SUBMIT the second that Walgreens fixes the problem. Which should be on or around April 14.

I got tickets to Madonna for September with 4 friends (Katie, Nikki, Chrissy and Jen…middle-aged ladies unite!). I had to join the Madonna fan club to do so, but that’ s ok.

I watched my poor baby have surgery (actually I didn’t WATCH the surgery, I went and ate bagels at Mr. J’s. They would’ve let me watch, but no way I could have beared (born?) to do so).

I tested 5 wheelie carts and decided Trader Joe’s was the best. Walmart was the runner-up. I never did try Whole Foods, even though I had the opportunity earlier this week.

I got puppy flowers!


I remembered my friend Ray on the second anniversary of his death from melanoma, and I remembered my aunt Betsy on what should have been her 58th birthday.

RayRay Summer 2009

Betsy after Boston 2008

I didn’t buy anything from late-night TV, and I didn’t get addicted to Vicodin. I didn’t have a single migraine!

I tried really hard to clean up my trucker-language and behave like a lady.

I did 100 pushups. They were girl pushups, but that’s only because I’m forbidden to do boy pushups like FLOTUS, Ellen, and Jimmy Fallon can do. Tonight I’m gonna do 150. I promise.

I DIDN’T EAT ANY CANDY. I will, however, eat birthday cake. My mom’s been bugging me to ask what kind of cake I want. Perhaps I will make my own.

Didn’t know it was my birthday? It’s not yet. It is Sunday, just in time for me to go back to the office with leftover cake. Me, Darwin, Honest Abe, Arsenio Hall, Emily Valentine, and Judy Blume. And Mrs. Seaver from Growing Pains.

I hide my birthday on Spacebook so 722 people don’t write on my wall. I also usually get all cranky and bummed out around my birthday, and that’s a surefire way to avoid it. Last year I did a little experiment and hid it to see if anyone would remember without it (they didn’t). To be totally fair several people emailed me and said they didn’t know if me hiding meant I didn’t want a public wall greeting (That’s you, Sherri Shaffer Howe!), and the closest of the close called me. And I was with my brother, his now-wife, and my good friend Ilse in NYC, and they all knew. Still, the NYT validated my theory of fake Facebook wishes a few months later.

This year I’m not as cranky and bummed out. (Because I haven’t been in the office for a month?) (Just kidding. I like my job and I have fantastic coworkers. See: one who lets this crutch girl come live with her. And we have a Keurig!) I don’t know why I’m not AS bummed, but I’ll take it. Or maybe I’ll get all bummed tomorrow. There’s still time.

Anyway. I guess I did a lot. I promise there’s more to come. Thanks for reading.

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